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  • Step aside, Hollywood – Racing Edge’s 2020 osCARS are here

    2020 osCARS

    Welcome to Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS!

    All eyes are fixed on Hollywood for the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, the night where the world’s brightest stars meet to celebrate the past year in film.

    Racing-themed movie Ford v Ferrari, based on the iconic 1966 Le Mans rivalry, leads the way with four nominations - including Best Picture.

    While the Ford GT40 gave an epic performance in its starring role, we at Racing Edge have some exceptional award-winners you can buy on our digital marketplace The Paddock.

    So throw on your tuxedos, frocks, overalls and helmet as we roll out the red carpet. Racing Edge presents to you our alternative 2020 osCARS!

    2020 osCARS' Best Soundtrack

    We start Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS with an extremely prestigious category – Best Soundtrack! Nothing beats the sound of an engine starting for the first time. Or a race car powering down the home stretch towards the first corner!

    Here are our nominations for ‘Best Soundtrack’:

    And Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS winner is… the 1994 Tyrrell F1 022-3! All race cars featured on the Paddock sound incredible. But this beautiful single-seater produces a glorious V10 roar. One that echoed across the world’s most famous racetracks during the notorious 90s era of F1. The Tyrrell name will be forever associated with F1 and the team won it all during its glory years. F1 cars are rare on the market – and this one was raced at Jerez, Suzuka and Adelaide in the 1994 FIA season. It is an exceptional track-ready machine. You can own your own piece of F1 racing history today!

    Best Design

    Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS now moves on to its second category – Best Design. Whether you’re a fan of the clean-cut classic look or ludicrously loud paintwork, the Paddock has the perfect race car for you.

    Here are the nominations for Best Design:

    And the alternative 2020 osCARS award goes to… the Porsche 991 Cup MKI! A tough decision with lots of incredible-looking cars to choose from on the Paddock. But this Porsche 991 Cup Car is the pick of the bunch. It’s the perfect blend of sleek, classic and professional. And it showcases Racing Edge colours! Cup Cars are fantastic race cars with big power, sharp handling and good reliability. This Porsche is in excellent condition and has achieved many podiums in its racing history. It’s a great fit whether you’re a racing newbie or seasoned track artist!

    Best International Race Car

    The next category in our alternative 2020 osCARS is Best International Car. Because Racing Edge is based in Vancouver, we’re looking for any car manufactured outside of North America. After all, motor racing is a global sport and our No. 1 digital marketplace the Paddock can be enjoyed worldwide.

    The nominations for Best International Race Car:

    And the Racing Edge alternative 2020 osCARS award goes to… the Lola T70! Wow, what a race car! This wonderful machine is steeped in racing history. This rare T70 has graced some of the world’s most iconic tracks including Spa-Francochamps, Monza, Silverstone and the Nürburgring to name a few. Absolutely no expense has been spared to maintain this wonderful piece of engineering over the years. It’s eligible for all historic race events around the world. With 15 victories in approximately 50 runs, it has plenty of winning experience. Featuring a 5-liter 550 bhp engine and a godly noise, the Lola T70 is a must-own race car.

    Best Supporting Race Car

    We now move to the penultimate category in Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS – Best Supporting Race Car. We’ll be honest – all race cars featured on the Paddock could be nominated for this award. From hyper cars to super cars, Cup Cars to single seaters – whatever your preference, the Paddock caters for all.

    Here are the nominations for Best Supporting Race Car:

    Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS award goes to… the Sauber-Mercedes C9! The incredible, astoundingly accurate rebuild of an all-time classic multiple race-winner. Over two years and 2,740 hours were put into the most authentic rebuild of a Sauber-Mercedes C9. The chassis was originally the spare from the 1989 C9, rescued from Donnigton Racetrack museum in the UK. The original car is a cult hero in Mercedes’ racing history – it was the first to run the famous ‘silver arrows’ livery. It dominated the 1989 season and ended Mercedes’ wait of over 30 years for a world championship title. Its 1989 Le Mans victory personified its supremacy. An exceptional race car, this is the ultimate throwback to one of motor racing’s finest machines. And you could own it today!

    2020 osCARS' Best Race Car

    Here we are: the final award of Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS – Best Race Car. In truth, every car on the Racing Edge Paddock could be nominated here. And there’s over 115 of them. Super cars, hyper cars, LMP1 cars, vintage racers and single-seaters from all corners of the world.

    Without further ado, the nominations for Best Race Car:

    And the alternative 2020 osCARS winner is… the Porsche 935! This brand new, on-ground 935 is near enough the perfect package. The Martini livery is stunning - an iconic scheme of colours entwined with racing culture. It’s a real head-turner of a race car. With a 700 bhp 3.8-liter 6-cylinder engine, 7-speed transmission and mostly carbon fiber composite body this Porsche is just rapid. It’s pretty exclusive too, with only 77 units produced by the German marque. And you can own this incredible racer today.

    2020 osCARS winner
    Racing Edge's Alternative 2020 osCARS winner - the Porsche Clubsport 935

    That concludes Racing Edge’s alternative 2020 osCARS– we hope you enjoyed it. Keep your eyes peeled for more great Racing Edge content and follow us on Instagram.