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  • How To Sell A Race Car: 5 Top Tips

    Selling A Race Car

    Selling a race car can be as time-consuming and stressful as buying a race car!

    There are many different things to consider in order to give yourself the best chance of selling a race car.

    How do you make your race car attractive to potential buyers? What information should you provide when selling your race car? How do you decide on a price?

    Racing Edge is here to help you. Here are five handy tips for selling a race car:

    Selling A Race Car: Five Top Tips

    1. Find the right package to showcase your car

    Selling a race car can be stressful, time-consuming and result in a lot of wasted effort. After deciding to list your race car for sale, it’s vital you choose the right website and right package to suit your needs.

    For example, the Racing Edge Paddock offers three packages: Max, Plus and Classic. Each package offers different options for selling a race car. We use the latest digital marketing techniques to get the right eyes on your race car, improving the chances of selling it without you having to compromise.

    And our sales experts will give you the very best advice and help on what to provide. There are people out there who want to buy your race car – let us help you find them!

    2. Provide plenty of information on your race car

    Giving a potential buyer everything they need to know about your race car makes it easier for them to decide. Providing quality, in-depth and truthful information will also help set your listing apart from the rest!

    Give as much detail as you possibly can when selling your race car – from specifications and upgrades to its entire vehicle history. What horsepower does the engine produce? What transmission does your race car have? How many times has it been raced? What does it feel like to drive?

    Writing an attractive sales description is hard and time-consuming, but don’t worry. Racing Edge will handle that part for you! We have a dedicated team to do this so if you provide the information, Racing Edge will take care of the rest. Selling a race car couldn’t be easier!

    Giving a detailed description shows you care deeply about your race car – any potential buyer is hoping to feel that same connection.

    If you’re unsure what information to provide, don’t hesitate to contact one of our platform advisors.

    3. Take great photos of your race car

    Taking great photos will improve your chances of selling a race car! Great photos will show your vehicle in its best light and looks attractive to potential buyers!

    Similarly, providing bad photos of your race car could damage your efforts as they might put buyers off.

    There are a few things to consider when taking great photos of your race car. Check out this excellent, must-follow guide on How To Take Great Photos of Your Race Car written by us at Racing Edge.

    4. Consider your options and price

    How do you want to sell your race car? That is a very important question to answer! There are many options to consider – do you want to sell at auction, or would you prefer a basic listing? Do you require any marketing campaigns to help attract potential buyers?

    Pricing can also be confusing. How high or low should you go? Our basic advice is to offer as competitive a price as you can afford. Researching the prices of similar cars and models will help guide you. For more information about how to price your car, please contact one of our expert platform advisors for help.

    5. Be patient and be honest

    Selling a race car can sometimes take more time as buyers are often looking for specific cars to match their needs.

    The key is to stay patient. If you’ve followed the five steps above, you’ve put yourself in a very strong position to sell your race car with minimum hassle.

    By keeping to this guide, you’re giving yourself the best chance to not only sell your race car – but to sell it to someone who will love and enjoy it as much as you have. And there is no greater gift in motor racing than that.

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