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  • How To Take Great Photos Of Your Race Car

    Sauber-Mercedes C9

    Taking great photos of your race car is one of the most important things to think about when you’re selling your vehicle online. 

    We at Racing Edge want to minimize the time it takes to sell your race car – and taking good photos will help us to do that.

    Remember, a photo is often the first impression a potential buyer will have of your race car. Great photos will showcase your race car and improve your chances of selling it. Bad photos will make your car less appealing and could put potential buyers off.

    Therefore, it’s essential your Racing Edge Paddock listing features great, detailed photos that show off your car in an accurate way. Here’s 10 must-follow tips to help you snap your car:

    How To Take Car Photos: First Impressions

    Race Car Photo

    A clean race car (inside and out) is essential to taking a good photo. Make sure the exterior has been washed and your paint work is shining bright!

    Tidy the inside of the car as best you can – we appreciate that interiors of most racers look mightily different to road cars, but a messy car doesn’t look good regardless. Throw away any garbage and give the seat/interior a good vacuum for a perfect photo.

    Use A Good Camera

    Most modern cell phones come with cameras attached, but sometimes even those are not powerful enough to take a great photo of your race car. To ensure great photos, try and use a digital camera for long shots and exterior shots. Make sure you get clear, detailed images of all your race car’s features, including close-ups.  

    Lighting Is Key

    Taking photos of your race car in good light is key and will improve your chances of selling. There is one simple rule to remember here: utilize the ‘golden hour’. Light is best as the sun is rising or setting and will coat your race car with an attractive, warm glow. See the two images above.

    Try not to take photos of your car in the middle of the day – that’s when the sun is at its highest and the light is harsh. That produces a lot of glare and dark shadows, making it difficult to focus on your car’s details. 

    Where selling a race car differs from a road car is buyers might be just as interested in how it performs in the wet. Add variety to your photos and get the camera out if it starts raining on track! The weather is a big part of motor racing and it’s useful to photograph your race car in all conditions. 

    How To Take Car Photos: Location

    Race Car Photo
    Using photos of your race car in action is a great way to showcase your vehicle.

    Where you take photos of your race car can have an impact on how quickly it sells. Race cars belong on the track. It’s where they look most natural: in high-speed action or hitting the apex of a corner!

    Still photos can be taken in the pits or garage for impact – although be wary of shaded areas. Make sure there’s enough light.

    Quality And Resolution

    Car photo action
    Make sure you use high-quality photos of your race car.

    High-quality and high-resolution photos are a must when it comes to selling a race car. Great photos can help you command a higher price. Blurry, bad quality or out-of-focus photos will not show your car in its best light and will put potential buyers off. 

    Switch your camera settings to the best quality and resolution (1200 x 800 pixels is perfect) and remember – get close-ups of those details!

    Find The Right Angle

    Perspective is a great tool when taking photos to sell your race car. Find the angle from which your race car looks best, then take 10-15 steps back and adjust the focus before hitting snap. Some cameras/camera phones have auto-focus, so make sure you wait a second or two before hitting the button.

    Remember, you can always crop photos to remove any unwanted background, too.

    Take plenty of photos of your car from various angles to improve chances of selling: let any potential buyer see it in full. At the very least, follow this handy checklist:

    • Side on (profile)
    • Front and rear three-quarter shots
    • Straight-on front view
    • Straight-on rear view
    • Inside the car (pointing towards the steering wheel).

    How To Take Car Photos: Variety!

    This one is self-explanatory: the more you show off on your race car, the more chance a potential buyer will like what they see!

    Taking lots of photos of your race car will give any potential customer a clearer view of what they’re buying. It will also give you plenty of choice when you upload them to use – we all know how frustrating it is to take a photo only to find you’ve cut something off!

    Provide plenty of photos from a variety of angles and get close-ups of all your race car’s big selling points. Focus on its key components and make sure each photo is clear and in focus.

    Details, Details, Details

    When you sell a race car, the best way to show its main features is in a photo. Get close-ups of all your modifications, engine, rear wing, steering wheel, tires, bodywork – all your race car’s unique selling points.

    Take close-ups on the things that made you fall in love with that race car. Other buyers might be looking for the same thing!

    Similarly, focus on things that make this race car unique – rare parts, livery, the view from the driver’s seat.

    Providing potential buyers with clear, instantly recognizable images of what they’re buying can help close out a sale so don’t hold back when it comes to details.

    Be Honest: Highlight Scuffs, Damage

    There is nothing more annoying than buying something, getting it home and realizing its damaged. It’s the same when purchasing a race car.

    If your race car has damage or the paint is scuffed, take a photo of it. That way potential buyers know exactly what they’re buying and what condition the car is in. The last thing you want to do is surprise them with unwanted damage!

    Real Is Right

    Bugatti Chiron
    Be realistic when taking photos of your car - don't apply filters or heavily edit them.

    Finally, considering all the above, be realistic when taking photos of your race car. Don’t apply filters or edit them using photo tools, because heavily retouched photos can look fake – and that could put potential buyers off.

    We know your race car is important to you – but please, don’t include photos of you standing next to your car/sat in your car. Potential buyers are looking at photos and visualizing it as their race car. Including yourself in any photo with your car will break that illusion.

    Also, try to take photos without distracting backgrounds – such as other cars, buildings or landscapes. Make the race car you are trying to sell the main focal point!

    How To Take Car Photos Bonus Hint: Include Videos!

    One final bonus tip! Videos are a great way to showcase your race car. Utilize videos of your race car on the track for extra impact. Particularly when its speeding down the home straight!

    Film the roar of the engine when you’re starting it up – the noise of a race car is enough to make any of us fall in love. It offers a different perspective to potential buyers and completes the package of looks, car specs and sound.

    Always film your video in landscape mode (sideways) to improve the picture and quality.

    There you have it! Racing Edge’s guide to taking the perfect photos to sell your race car. If you have any questions or require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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