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  • Porsche returns to Super Bowl with cool new Taycan commercial

    Porsche is back at the Super Bowl after a 23-year absence.

    The German marque will feature at the NFL’s flagship game for the first time since 1997 with a new commercial to spotlight the market launch of the all-electric Taycan.

    Porsche released an extended cut of the Super Bowl commercial called ‘The Heist’ on its YouTube channel. A 60-second version of the ad will air during Super Bowl LIV between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs on February 2nd.

    The Porsche commercial focuses on the speed and silence of the Taycan. It begins with a ‘thief’ trying to steal the Taycan from the Porsche Museum in Germany, which descends into a speedy car chase across several locations.

    Several iconic Porsche models appear in the Super Bowl ad. The 911 is prominent, while the iconic 917 K Le Mans racer – like this LMK Gulf rebuild featured on the Racing Edge Paddock – also makes an appearance. The 918 Spyder hybrid is also used during the car chase, as is a tractor!

    Porsche Super Bowl ad
    Did Porsche accidentally reveal the next-gen 911 GT3 in its Super Bowl ad?

    However, eagle-eyed spotters at Autocar have noticed something special.

    The new Porsche 992-generation 911 GT3 appears to make a brief cameo during its Super Bowl commercial. Viewers get a sneak peak of the 911 GT3 in the opening scenes and can clearly see the giant fixed rear wing and giveaway centre-locking wheels.

    Porsche says its Super Bowl commercial is aimed at addressing new audiences. It was filmed at several locations across Germany in November last year, including the Black Forest and Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

    Super Bowl a perfect platform

    Super Bowl commercials – especially during half-time – are infamous and attract some of the world’s biggest companies like Porsche. The advertising costs are notoriously expensive due to its large broadcast audience, especially across North America.

    Porsche’s Director of Marketing Communications Oliver Hoffmann said: “The Super Bowl is famous as a TV event far beyond North America and it represents a perfect platform to reach new fans. Our commercial links many elements that make up Porsche: sportiness, emotion, and also a touch of humor, something that is typical for how we communicate in general.”

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