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  • Racing Edge: The Radical Journey So Far

    Radical race car

    Welcome to Racing Edge’s Radical Race Car Journey.

    In 2019, we at Racing Edge launched our global digital marketplace – the Paddock – and our media website. But we also did something else - we became a racing team. We signed Racing Edge up to compete in the Radical Canada Cup and began to document our Radical race car journey. 

    We embarked on a fantastic experience of adrenaline-pumping highs and frustrating lows. We wanted you to understand firsthand what it felt like to go racing, and to show you just how accessible motorsport can be.

    Now, there are thousands of racetracks all over the world - every different kind you can imagine. It’s the same when it comes to race cars. And that’s even before you choose your racing series. Naturally, there are a lot of questions to ask before you even think about going racing. Where is my local track? What series do they hold? What race cars can I drive there?

    There are so many things to think about. The reason we at Racing Edge wanted to do the Radical race car journey in this way was to bring it more into the public spotlight.

    A lot of people might be intimidated by the steps you have to take. We needed to do this experience because we wanted to try and encourage more people to get involved in the motorsport community.

    Why the Radical race car?

    We chose the Radical race car because it checked all the boxes. When choosing a league and car, it’s all based on what’s available in your area. What your appetite is for budget, what support is available on the day.

    After what felt like weeks of research, the Racing Edge team concluded Radical race car was the best option. Radical Canada West Racing hosts an established racing series at tracks throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as manufacturing and dealing the cars!

    The Radical series is conveniently close to the Racing Edge office in Vancouver and allows us to race on familiar tracks, including the nearby Area27 in Oliver.

    And the Radical race car itself is a perfect fit. Radicals are basically mini-LMP1 cars – purpose-built, well-balanced rockets with serious stability in high-speed corners. Radical has been committed to racing since 1997 and their single-make series is enjoyed by thousands around the world.

    The Radical formula is simple: deliver thoroughbred race cars for a (relatively) low price. Using the principles of aerodynamic grip, the 220-bhp engine in a Radical race car can match the lap times of 900-bhp hypercars on some racetracks. And for a fraction of the price!

    With our decision made, the Racing Edge team headed for day one at Area27.

    The Radical Journey Starts Here

    What an impressive experience from Radical Canada West. The ‘Arrive and Drive’ program was excellent. Not only do they fetch the Radical race car, but their team was there to help Racing Edge with the initial shakedown, too. They handled all the engineering and made sure the race car was perfectly set-up for the track.

    Their on-site coaching is fantastic. You really feel the benefits of having experienced hands around you when you’re racing. After five sessions with the Radical race car, it reflected in our lap times. The Radical coaching and engineering team gives you so much confidence – it makes you feel like a real race driver.

    Now it was time to go racing!

    We Crashed Our Radical Race Car!

    With Radical race weekends, you have practise sessions on Thursday and Friday ahead of qualifying and two races on the Saturday.

    However, Racing Edge’s first official race weekend didn’t exactly start according to plan. In very cold conditions, the Radical race car tires were like pucks on ice. That’s when we love-tapped the pit wall!

    This is where the Radical team really came into their own. Technician Andy was on-site to fix the Radical race car after any mishaps. The experience is all geared around getting you back on track as quickly as possible, so you can get back to having fun! It couldn’t be any more convenient.

    It showed, too, as we posted our fastest lap at the end of the final session. Hopefully, Friday would bring more of the same from our Radical race car…

    Our Fastest Laps Yet!

    As we gained confidence in the Radical race car, lap times began to drop during Friday’s second practise day. The Radical coaching was paying off! It’s amazing how different a track becomes once you start pushing your limits.

    When you get to the point where you’re shaving off tenths of a second, it makes you appreciate the intense level of focus you need. Brake points, the way your Radical race car hits the apex, the speeds - you need to bring everything together perfectly. Every section of the track has to be flawless. That requires a whole new level of concentration. The smallest mistake, like glancing up to look at your speed, can be devastating.

    After two days of intense practise, Racing Edge was ready to go racing with Radical.

    Our First Race!

    Finally, what we’d all been waiting for at Racing Edge – race day! Saturday was a jam-packed schedule featuring a final practise session followed by qualifying and two back-to-back races that each lasted 30 minutes.

    Despite lining up at the back of the grid in our Radical race car, we could take a lot of confidence from the its performance. We were racing against some incredibly experienced and well-seasoned drivers! All of whom were so supportive of Racing Edge’s Radical effort.

    Honestly, we can’t speak highly enough of the Radical Canada Cup West experience. We had no idea what to expect going in, but it was an absolute blast. There are not many greater thrills than sitting in a Radical race car aiming towards the horizon!

    This is not the end of our Radical journey – so make sure you keep following Racing Edge for more updates throughout the year.

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