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  • The Pagani Imola: The Most Powerful Pagani Ever?

    Pagani Imola
    The Pagani Imola holds a Mercedes Benz AMG V12 engine

    Welcome to the Pagani Imola.

    Named after the iconic racetrack famous for hosting both the Italian and San Marino Grand Prixes, the Pagani Imola is a stunning tribute to the Italy’s Motor Valley.

    This is more engineering brilliance from the marque which brought us the bonkers Zonda R, available for purchase on the Racing Edge Paddock.

    The new Pagani Imola is largely based on the Huayra BC. The Italian manufacturer claims it has gone through the severest on-track validation ever applied to one of its models. The car has covered over 16,000km on the track at racing speed – the equivalent of racing Le Mans 24 Hours three times over!

    While Pagani remains coy on the official stats, the Imola features a Mercedes Benz AMG V12 engine that kicks out a whopping 827 bhp and 1100 Nm of torque. Combined with a dry-weight of just 1246kg (2747lbs), this beast is going to be rapid.

    Only five examples of the Pagani Imola have been made and they each come with a price tag of around $5.5 million US (not including VAT). But put those checkbooks away – all five models have already been sold and accounted for.

    Pagani Imola on Instagram

    Pagani announced the Imola with a lengthy video on Instagram. While it was exclusively developed with track-focus in mind, the Imola (unlike the Zonda R) is fully road-legal.

    Described as a “vehicle laboratory” by its makers, the rear-wheel Pagani Imola sits on a carbo-titanium HP62 G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62 monocoque with front and rear tubular steel subframes.

    It includes an Xtrac 7-speed transverse AMT gearbox with electro-mechanical differential and a triple-disc clutch. Brakes are Brembo 4 ventilated carbon ceramic discs both front and rear, while suspension is made from independent double wishbones, helical springs and electronic controlled shocks. The Pagani Imola sits on custom Pirelli Trofeo R tires.

    It features the same active aerodynamics system first introduced on the Huayra, while the car has been specifically designed with shedding weight in mind. Imola was primarily used for the development of this wonderful machine and the track became a “second home” for the car while it was being developed. 

    Founder and Chief Designer of Pagani Automobil Horatio Pagani said of the Pagani Imola: “Imola is a sacred place for car enthusiasts. It's a fast, difficult, technical circuit that has always separated the wheat from the chaff, in terms of both men and machines. A circuit that has made the fastest drivers faster, one that has given rise to fierce duels between opponents and gentlemen, and where the sweetest victories and bitterest tragedies have been witnessed."

    "A circuit in the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna. A place that has given so much to the automotive industry. That has given so much to Pagani.”

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