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    Motor racing

    We know you miss motor racing – because we miss it too!

    As the world currently battles the COVID-19 outbreak, most forms of motor racing are on hold due to coronavirus. Self-isolation has become an important factor to help prevent the spread of the pandemic as best we can.

    But wherever you are in the world, you can still enjoy motor racing from the comfort of your home.

    Need some inspiration? Look no further! Here’s a few suggestions to pass the time as we wait for motor racing to return.

    Go virtual motor racing

    Why not go racing yourself?

    Virtual motor racing - known as esports racing, SIM racing or e-racing - is huge. You can enjoy it in many different ways, from the comfort of your living room. Either by playing yourself or watching live streams of other people racing online.

    Many championships host their own esports series, including Formula 1. Lots of professional drivers use SIM racing both for training and fun. McLaren driver Lando Norris is well known for his love of online motor racing and streaming.

    After the start of the 2020 F1 season was suspended, several virtual races were set up in response. F1 bosses moved to replace postponed races with its own Virtual Grand Prix Series, while several drivers and celebrities were invited to take part.


    Veloce Esports also hosted virtual versions of both the Australian and Bahrain Grands Prix, which featured Norris and other drivers. Other sports stars and professional esports racers also took part. Norris streamed both races live on Twitch (an online live video-streaming service) and attracted over 100,000 viewers – record numbers - for each broadcast.

    Lando Norris competes alongside golfer Ian Poulter for 'NotTheBahGP'

    As you can tell from these videos, esports motor racing is both extremely competitive and fun. Professional esports racers are exceptionally quick, while professional series attract thousands of viewers.

    A lot of professional teams, such as Ferrari and Mercedes, now have esports driver line-ups and talent pools.

    IMSA also held an iRacing event at a virtual Sebring, following the postponement of the famous 12-hour race. NASCAR is also going e-motor racing after announcing its iRacing Pro Invitational Series.


    Stream great documentaries

    Unfortunately we will have to wait a while to experience the thrills of live motor racing again. Luckily for us, there are tons of fantastic motor racing shows to enjoy across television and streaming services!

    Missing Formula 1? Catch the new season of Drive To Survive on Netflix. The streaming service has plenty of motor racing gold to indulge. From F1 to IndyCar documentaries, there is plenty of motor racing content to keep you going over the next few weeks!

    Many official race series such as IMSA are showing classic races from the past. This is happening on various television channels and YouTube accounts – check official websites for more information and scheduling!

    Also, there are a lot of excellent motor racing videos available on YouTube. From Top 10s to car reviews, there is so much to keep you entertained over the coming weeks.

    Find the old Scalextric set

    Image from Scalextric.com

    Get that old Scalextric set down from the attic for hours of motor racing fun!

    Rekindle those childhood memories and pass on the torch to the younger generation by setting up the old Scalextric track.

    Scalextric is a fantastic way to get your kids involved in motor racing. Go one step further and create your own championship by rebuilding different tracks!

    Or how about getting creative and building your own racetrack – paddock and all - for maximum motor racing pleasure.

    Take a virtual museum tour

    With self-isolation in full effect, getting out and about is not really an option in the current situation.

    Many small businesses are struggling and have closed their doors to the general public.

    That’s why we think this is a great idea from those at Petersen Automotive Museum. You can now experience live-streamed tours of their museum vault, presented by Hagerty. That’s 60,000 square feet of motor racing delight for your pleasure!

    With around 250 vehicles on display, virtual tours last around one hour. Donations are encouraged. Visit the Petersen website for more details.

    Read a motor racing book - or 10

    With everybody staying inside and motor racing suspended for the foreseeable future, maybe now is finally the time to get around to reading that book you’ve been putting off!

    There are so many good reads when it comes to motor racing books – and most are now available to buy online.

    Whether you’re interested in biographies of motor racing greats or the stories behind iconic races and teams, there is plenty of reading material for all interests.

    Don’t know where to start? This from The Drive is an essential list.

    Find your dream car on the Paddock

    racing Edge Paddock Header- mobile

    While there is no timeline on when motor racing will return to normality, there are still race cars and classic cars available on the Racing Edge Paddock.

    There’s no better time to sit back with a cup of coffee and browse for your new adventure once all the craziness is over! From race cars to classic cars, the Racing Edge Paddock has you covered.

    As always, take care – and stay safe.

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