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  • Why is motor racing so fascinating?

    We know you miss motor racing. Because we miss it, too.

    And we know you love motor racing. Because we love it, too.

    The highs, the lows. The winning and the losing.

    Nothing captures us the way motor racing does. 

    We are fascinated by it. Consumed by it. The speed and danger, exhilaration and thrill. The glitz and the glamour, fashion and style. The paddock will always be home.

    Classic cars, race cars. Modern technology taking on legends of the past. Motor racing is something in our blood. It’s a lifestyle, a passion and a labour of love. We are left frustrated by it; we’re left elated by it. Emotions change quicker than the corners come.  

    Sometimes, things happen in the world that are more important than racing. Some events put it into perspective. Priorities change, points of view shift like gears. Racing takes a back seat to the more essential values of life. It’s OK to take your foot off the gas, to pull into the pits. It’s OK to not finish a race, to retire, or to crash. We all experience it from time to time. It’s the fabric of motor racing.

    Why we love motor racing

    But the love never fades. It’s still there, in the slipstream. Ready to move in front again and head for the line.

    The fascination never wanes. It grows stronger, deeper the more laps of life we complete. And just as we think we’ve caught it, we finally understand, it pulls further into the distance.

    Records will forever be broken, and bars continuously lifted in search of motoring perfection. Technology will improve, upgrade, enhance. But the qualities of motor racing and its rich history will always remain timeless. Its incredible community will stand the test of time, always offering unwavering support.

    It’s what we do.

    Why are we so fascinated by motor racing? Let us show you.

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