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  • Tour De Force: What’s it like to own an F1 car?

    Tour De Force TDF-1

    What’s it like to own a Formula 1 car? With Tour De Force, you can find out.

    The TDF team redefines ‘private F1’. Specialists in historic F1 restoration, TDF are creators of a very special vehicle and an incredibly unique experience.

    Delivering the ultimate F1 thrill without the complexity of navigating a race car. Let alone the challenges of setting it up at a racetrack!

    Fancy channeling your inner Lewis Hamilton? Or hitting apexes like Max Verstappen? The TDF-1 is now available on the Racing Edge Paddock.

    So what makes it special?

    TDF: Feel The Power


    For anyone doubting whether this is the real thing – it is. The TDF-1 was created and developed extensively using a previously-raced Sauber F1 team chassis from 2011. All specs are designed and manufactured to keep within that era but simplified so the focus is kept on the driving experience and usability. 

    The first TDF-1 customer cars feature chassis of Marussia (2011) and Sauber (2012) F1 cars. The car uses as many original factory components as possible in keeping with the era’s design and engineering.

    The first thing you notice about the TDF-1 is its awesome, raw power. It features a 1780cc turbocharged four cylinder engine developed in house with partners Mountune. The engine uses the same F1 specs from the 2011/2012 era but is much more durable and longer-lasting. The TDF-1's powertrain requires lower maintenance than a traditional F1 car: service intervals come after 4500km of track use, as opposed to 150km.

    Thanks to its 420-600 bhp (depending what mode you’ve engaged) the TDF-1 powers from 0-60 mph in under two seconds and reaches a top speed of over 200 mph (322+ km/h). Further performance comes from TDF adaptations of the original 'DRS' system. With a dry weight of 620-640kg, the power-to-weight ratio is simply mind-blowing. It is staggeringly quick.

    The engine is mated to a six-speed paddle operated gearbox, completing a bespoke powertrain developed by TDF.

    TDF: The Engineering

    Tour De Force TDF-1

    Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, the TDF-1 took years of research, knowledge, testing and development before it came to fruition. The TDF team features past F1 engineers from the likes of Mercedes, Marussia, Williams and Renault. Along with bespoke machinery from Haas.

    The key TDF concept is providing a Formula 1 experience only rivalled by F1 itself – and removing all the added driver complexities along the way. The steering wheel, for instance, is much simpler than the current multi-buttoned tech-filled gadgets, which allows drivers to focus on their performance.

    It’s smart engineering. Original touches like individually stress-tested chassis’ and aero packages are as they were in 2011. Original parts feature where possible. Even Pirelli makes the tires to order (soft, medium, hard and wet compounds are all available). By removing the difficulties, the TDF-1's can race on track with just one trackside mechanic and engineer. The push-button start process takes just 10 minutes before you're out of the pits and onto the circuit.

    TDF-1: The Experience


    The result? It's bonkers. It's massive track performance. Whatever your view of racing before, it changes. Every corner, every straight, every kink comes the pure, visceral senses Formula 1 drivers must go through. The overwhelming G-Forces will make sure your neck muscles grow neck muscles.

    Everything points to the ultimate driving thrill.

    What you get off the track is equally as impressive. TDF provides TDF-1 owners with a full driver training course – including one-to-one training with professional W Series star/TDF developmental driver Jessica Hawkins.

    Owners get to hone their skills on TDF’s F1-grade racing sim. Race seats are custom-fit and bespoke to provide perfect positioning to pedals and steering wheel.

    The sale includes a humongous package of extras: personalized teamwear, a ton of spares, tooling and trackside equipment, tailored race suit and helmet design, customized livery and garage equipment. You can pretty much design your own F1 team and, with flight cases included, ship it wherever you want in the world.

    Then come the invites. TDF hosts special driving days on featured F1 circuits, such Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya, France’s Circuit Paul Ricard and Silverstone. Owning the TDF-1 opens up an exclusive lifestyle.

    As F1 experiences go – you won’t get much closer to the real thing.

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