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  • Racing Edge Directory: How To Use & How It Works

    Welcome to the Racing Edge Directory – our motorsport and classic car resource encyclopedia.

    Whether you’re looking for transport companies to help move your car, or engineers to help you set-up – we have you covered.

    What is the Racing Edge Directory?

    The Racing Edge Directory is a new global resource hub for the motorsport and classic car community. It houses many types of motoring and restoration services under one roof – all of which you can search for and bookmark!

    These include car inspection companies, racetracks, race engineers, parts distributors, restoration companies, tire specialists, transport companies, storage facilities and racing clubs from around the world. It also features an esports section for SimRacing equipment and leagues to join!

    How to use the Racing Edge Directory

    In this next section, we’ll cover the main ways you can use the Racing Edge Directory:

    • As a customer
    • Bookmarking
    • For a business

    As a customer, you will be able to search for motorsport and classic car services in your area. As a business, you can use the Racing Edge Directory to showcase your services towards potential customers. 

    1. Using as a customer

    The Racing Edge Directory is primarily a search resource to help find auto and motoring services in your area. It works by using a range of keywords and search terms to bring up results in your location.

    Let us use an example: say we are looking for a list of storage facilities in London, United Kingdom.

    We can easily use the Racing Edge Directory to find this information as follows:

    • Open the Racing Edge Directory page.
    • Click on the ‘Storage Facilities’ logo (it will highlight red in colour when selected).
    • In the ‘Location’ box underneath, type your location – either your country, state or city (or nearest city). In this instance, it will be ‘London’.
    •  You can further enhance your search by using a number of keywords in the ‘Keywords’ box. Multiple keywords should be separated by using commas.
    Racing Edge Search
    • Click ‘Search’. This will bring up a number of results.
    • You can then check out your search results! Scroll down and click the ‘load more’ option if it is available.
    Racing Edge Lists

    2. Bookmarking

    To bookmark a Racing Edge Directory result, do the following:

    • Click on the icon in the top left corner of a listing, or on the left hand side if not featured. The icon will turn from white to red.
    • To remove a bookmark, hover over the bookmark icon and select ‘Remove Bookmark’. The icon will turn from red back to white.
    • To view your bookmarks, click on the ‘Bookmarks’ icon located just above the categories. You need to be logged in to a Racing Edge account to view bookmarks – register for an account now.  
    Racing Edge Directory Bookmarks
    • Your bookmarks will now appear listed like below:

    3. Using for a business

    If you run a motorsport or auto business, you can now list your service on the Racing Edge Directory!

    To submit a business listing, you must have a Racing Edge account. Click to register a Racing Edge account now.

    To submit your business for listing, follow these easy instructions:

    • Log into your Racing Edge account.
    • Go to the Racing Edge Directory page.
    • On the right side of the page, click the ‘Add’ button.
    Racing Edge Directory
    • Select whether you wish to use the Basic plan or the Featured plan. Click ‘Select Plan’ once you have decided.
    Racing Edge forms
    • This will open a form – please complete the online form as instructed.
    • At the bottom of the form, you can add any images you wish to showcase on your Racing Edge Directory listing.
    Racing Edge Form
    • Click on the ‘terms and conditions’ at the bottom of the page to read. Once happy, tick the box next to ‘I agree to the terms and conditions.’
    • Click ‘Submit’ once you have completed the form and agreed to the terms and conditions.

    Once you have submitted your listing, our listings team will handle the approval process. Once approved, your listing will then be searchable on the Racing Edge Directory!

    If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Racing Edge team.

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