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  • Ferrari 365 GT 2+2: Remembering A True Grand Tourer

    The Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 is a classic grand tourer.

    The highest echelons of classic Ferraris will always grab the headlines. The real untouchables, the rarest rosso corsa diamonds forever steal the show.

    But classics such as the beautiful Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 deserve their moments in the spotlight.

    Affectionately referred to as ‘Queen Mary’, this luxurious front-engine rear-wheel drive giant is a true grand tourer. It was designed and built in an era when the GT moniker was largely misused. Many were simply making slightly-more comfortable versions of their race cars and branding them with a GT badge.

    But the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 was big, bold and incredibly popular. And, to some, it was the last ‘classic’ Ferrari before the boxier, more-angled models of the 1970s came into fashion. 

    Ferrari 365 GT 2+2: America’s Grand Tourer

    The Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 made its debut at the 1967 Paris Motor Show, replacing the 330 GT 2+2 and distinctive 500 Superfast.

    Why was it so popular? Despite its gargantuan size – it was the largest Ferrari on sale at the time – the 365 GT 2+2 provided ultimate luxury. It was a day-to-day Ferrari.

    While the 365 GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ earned the credence, the GT 2+2 dominated sales and became the best-selling model of the series. Ferrari produced 800 examples before decommissioning it in 1971.

    This was the first Ferrari to come with power-assisted steering, electric windows and air conditioning as standard in North America. That proved a big hit: for a time, it was the only Ferrari available in the U.S. It was marketed for America, and America loved it.

    Ferrari 365 GTB 2+2: Drive in style

    Whereas its forebears come with mystique, the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 is about practicality. It was a Ferrari that could cope with the strains of everyday use. Whether it be tearing up the miles on long road trips or idling in traffic on the way to the shops.

    But, importantly, it was still a Ferrari to enjoy in style. Gone are the metal dashboards of previous GT models. Inside, it screams luxury. Its elegant all-leather interior came with classy wooden dash and even a stereo. It was opulent, spacious and comfortable. The double back seat included arm rest and a cigarette ashtray (the model was aimed at an older demographic). Luggage space was premium.

    Unfortunately, though, this was the last Ferrari to feature the beautifully classic, wooden steering wheel.

    On its exterior, it is heavily influenced by the much-loved looks of the 500 Superfast. Even down to the same plexiglass headlight covers used to heavily accentuate its stunning Pininfarina-designed lines.

    Side by side, the 365 GT 2+2 and 500 Superfast are almost identical. But the GT 2+2 is slightly wider and longer to accommodate for the back seats and luggage room.  

    It also carries the same front looks as the California, but with unique quarter bumpers that house turn lights.

    Immense comfort, immense performance

    The Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 came with a 4.4-liter V12 engine that produced a wonderfully deep, burbling sound from the exhaust.

    With a larger displacement than previous models, the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2’s V12 produced more torque than models released at the beginning of the 1960s. It achieved maximum horsepower at a lower rev count (6600 rpm as opposed to 7200 rpm) which made it easier to drive in a day-to-day environment. The 5-speed, all-synchromesh gearbox made shifting easy and smooth.

    With 320 bhp and a top speed of 245 km/h, this beauty was as fast as it was unique.

    One of the neatest features on the car is its rear suspension. Ferrari developed a hydro-pneumatic, self-levelling independent system with Koni to cater for the rear seat passengers and maintain a constant ride height.

    The Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 may not be the coolest or rarest classic of all time. But its exceptional pragmatism, sublime elegance and deep-rooted popularity makes it a joy to drive even today.  

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