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  • Tramontana XTR: Eccentric, unique and brilliantly bonkers

    Tramontana XTR

    The Tramontana XTR is one of the craziest, off-the-wall supercars ever seen.

    Imagine owning a machine inspired by a Formula 1 car and European fighter jet. A magnificent beast more akin to Anakin Skywalker’s pod-racer than a streetcar you could use for your local shopping run.

    Because the Tramontana XTR is a fiercely ferocious, puke-inducing monster that makes the wackiest of hypercars look as boringly bland as a motel wall.

    And, courtesy of the Racing Edge Paddock, you can own one.

    Tramontana XTR: Riding The Wind

    Tramontana XTR

    The Tramontana journey began back in 2005, as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. Borne out of rustic Catalonia in Spain by Josep Rubau, the car embodies the legacy and spirit of Catalan industry: precisely and uniquely crafted by the hands of experts. It is not about quantity: merely quality.

    The car is named after the wind that blows across the lands of its origin. To quote its makers: “The force of the sea, the lightness of the breeze.”

    The Tramontana is an unconventional beauty. For Rubau, there was no challenge making a run-of-the-mill, traditional supercar. It was about creating something unique, exclusive and eccentric. Something wildly different to what was rolling out the factories of other Mediterranean marques. Something to spark debate and discussion, to love and hate in equal measure.

    And it was about making something devilishly quick.

    At the time, you could have been forgiven for thinking it was just another one of those wacky concept cars that would never see the light of day. It isn’t exactly rare for concepts to never make it to the production line.

    Tramontana: Made To Measure

    But the Tramontana was different. Because each car was hand-crafted and completely bespoke to its buyer, production was limited to a maximum of 12 examples a year. Everything was made to measure – from the cockpit size to the stiffness of the pedals - meaning the Tramontana is exclusively unique and rare. It makes Bugatti or Pagani seem like a Ford Mondeo.

    Its crazy appearance, neatly blended with impressive specs and a smooth ride, set the Tramontana apart from anything else on the market. It is an oddball vehicle, completely tailored to a driver’s individual taste and delivered to any country in the world.

    Production started in 2007 with the Tramontana S, before the racing ‘R’ model was launched in 2009. Three years later, Tramontana revealed the XTR: an evolved, more-bonkers version of the R. XTR, naturally, stands for ‘extreme’.

    Radical, rapid and robust

    American artist Flo Rida caused an Instagram storm in 2013 when he posted a photo posing with a Tramontana XTR. At the time, the model hadn’t been released and it triggered a wave of intrigue.

    The XTR’s bug-like, radical design was captivating. It looked as menacing as a Koenigsegg or Pagani, but at the same time enchanting like a valuable jewel. It resembled something Harrison Ford would raid from a lost Amazon tomb. Spanish supercars are ultra-rare, after all.  

    The cockpit, with its fighter jet-like appearance, is moulded beneath the bubble window. When touching the throttle, it’s an almighty experience as the asphalt blurs around you.

    The Tramontana comes in single-seat or two-seater options, with the passenger seat located directly in tandem behind the driver (for better aerodynamics and weight distribution). The XTR’s modified chassis is made solely from carbon fiber, which gives it a torsional toughness but keeps it light: the car weighs just over 1200 kilos dry.

    Combine that with a mid-mounted, twin-turbo Mercedes V12 engine and the Tramontana really flies. Producing a maximum 888 bhp with 678 lbs-feet of torque, the acceleration is brutal and violent. Nothing really prepares you for the surge of power sent to the rear wheels.

    With four-stage traction control and a six-speed Cima sequential competition gearbox, the Tramontana XTR is pure performance. It bursts from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and reaches an electrically-limited top speed of 320 km/h. And just in case you forget it’s a car, it also features climate control.

    Own the Tramontana XTR today     

    The Tramontana XTR’s eccentricity and notoriety earned its inclusion in the Asphalt 8 racing video game, in which the player uses the world’s most desirable supercars to navigate racetracks with ramps.

    Not that it needs extra encouragement or imagination to fly.

    To inquire about owning this extraordinary 2017 Tramontana XTR, with its beautiful black-on-gold paint scheme, please visit the Racing Edge Paddock.

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    Tramontana XTR