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  • Midget car racing – own historic, quick and incredibly fun speedcars!

    Midget car racing is unique.

    Many high-profile drivers from NASCAR, IndyCar and other motor racing series have raced or still race midget cars. This type of racing is popular in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

    Racing Edge offers an exciting opportunity to own four historic midget racing cars. These cars feature incredible histories. They are available to buy individually or as a collection.

    Fast, exciting and a whole lot of fun. Racing midget cars puts a smile on your face!

    What is midget car racing?

    Midget car racing is a popular type of single-seater racing. The cars are very small, but very powerful due to their light weight. Races take place on either dirt or asphalt, usually on small oval tracks. It is similar to North American IndyCar racing.

    Midget cars are built for shorter, faster races (around 20-25 laps) that are entertaining and high-speed. However, due to the small size and high power, midget car racing can be quite dangerous.

    The cars’ highly-tuned engines are four cylinder and normally produce between 300 and 400 bhp. Cars come in front-engine, side-engine or rear-engine forms. Car size is limited to certain dimensions (hence the name).

    They usually weigh around 800-900 lbs dry. Modern midget cars feature a host of safety equipment, including roll cages.

    While championships differ in regulations, acceleration is high. Experienced drivers sometimes start at the back of the grid, meaning lots of overtaking and good racing for fans to watch!

    Midget car racing history

    Midget car racing began in the United States in the 1930s. The first official race in 1933 was set up by the Midget Auto Racing Association, now the world’s oldest sanctioning body in the sport.

    After spreading across the country, it soon went global. Australia held races (known as speedcar racing) and the series became very popular there throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

    The sport is also prevalent in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Graham Hill, Stirling Moss and Martin Brundle have all acted as Midget Grand Prix club presidents in the UK.

    Many famous drivers have raced midget cars at some stage of their careers. These include the likes of Mario Andretti, Tony Stewart, Mel Kenyon, Sleepy Tripp, Sarah Fisher, A.J. Foyt, Rich Vogler, Ryan Newman, Kyle Larson and Kasey Kahne.

    Famous midget car races

    There are many famous midget car races, taking place both indoors and outdoors.

    The annual ‘Chili Bowl’ in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is known as the ‘Super Bowl’ of midget racing.

    Another famous race is the long-standing ‘Night Before the 500’. For over 60 years, the race was held under the lights on the night before the famous Indy500 in Indianapolis.

    In recent years, the race has changed. However, it is still recognised as one of the most prestigious midget car races of all time.

    Other notable events include the Hut Hundred, Turkey Night Grand Prix, New Zealand Midget Championship, Australian Speedcar Championship and Australian Speedcar Grand Prix.

    Midget cars for sale

    Racing Edge is pleased to offer four historic midget racing cars for sale. You can buy the cars individually or as a collection.

    3K Racing Mel Kenyon Sesco V8

    Midget Car

    Mel Kenyon is a legend in motor racing circles all over the world. ‘The King of Midgets’ made over 1000 USAC race starts in his career. He racked up 111 feature wins and more than 380 race wins overall.

    Kenyon has seven USAC National Championships, four USAC Regional Championships, three NAMARS championships. He also raced the Indy500 eight times.

    This is the #1 Kenyon car raced in 1974 which was later banned for being too fast! Featuring a SESCO V8 engine using two Suzuki four-cylinder blocks, it produces 300 bhp at 12,000 RPM. 3K Racing specially made the chassis. The car weighs 1034 lbs dry.

    Tis midget car has a rich racing history. It was raced in USAC throughout the 1980s, on dirt and pavement. Des Kiehne purchased the car in 2003 and restored it.

    Edmunds Autocraft #1 Larry Rice

    Midget Car

    This superb midget car was built in 1977 in the United States. It comes with a VW 2276cc-engine and weighs just 825 lbs dry. Des and Ross Kiehne restored the car in 2003.

    This midget car finished first at the 1979 and 1980 Ascot Park Championship. It also won the Jimmy Caruthers Memorial and held many lap records at Ascot and Chula Vista.

    Notable past drivers include Doug Wolfgang, Hank Butcher, Larry Ricel, Danny McKnight and Jeff Haywood, among others.

    Edmunds SESCO Strickland #1

    Midget Car

    This Dave Strickland Edmunds SESCO midget car was built in 1968 in the United States. Engine is a 2.6 SESCO (cut-in-half 307 Chevrolet). Transmission is a direct Dog Box, while the car comes with a quick-change Halibrand differential.

    Chassis is Edmunds 4B midget. The car is a proven winner! Race wins include the Pall Mall World 30 Lap Championship, the Bob Tattersal Memorial and World Derby (Christchurch, New Zealand). Kenny Clark, Ross Miller and Anthony Vandeareyden have all raced this car.

    RC Cola Challenger Cosworth #4

    Midget Car

    This midget car is a racing beast and has competed on dirt, clay and pavement all over the world.

    Featuring a Cosworth BDP 2000cc engine, it weighs just 800lbs bone dry. Famous drivers include John Andretti, Kevin Olsen, Stan Fox, Stev Lotshaw, Johny Parsons and Ross Kiehne.

    It comes with big history, including many track wins and track records over the years. It has raced at the Chili Bowl, Perris Speedway, Angle Park, Denvor Raceway, Sun Pairie, Yandina, Rockhampton, Darwin, Perth and Canberra.

    To own these awesome midget cars, inquire on the Racing Edge Paddock now.