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  • T.50: Gordon Murray Automotive reveals incredible £2.36m hypercar

    T.50 supercar

    Meet the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 hypercar.

    This awesome machine is engineered to be the most driver-centric supercar ever built.

    Created by the genius behind the McLaren F1, the Gordon Murray T.50 is stunning. It is super light and super quick!

    The T.50 features a 100% bespoke 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 that produces 654 bhp and 467 Nm of torque. The company claims it is the world’s lightest, highest-revving (12,100 RPM) most power-dense road car engine ever made. It runs through a six-speed manual gearbox.

    The chassis and exterior bodywork are carbon fiber, giving the T.50 a dry weight of just 986kg.

    The car also has the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car. The unique, 400mm rear-mounted fan both improves grip and works with active spoilers and diffusers to increase downforce.

    The T.50 is beautiful. The supercar has a pure look thanks to its clean lines, bodywork and McLaren F1-inspired front. It is a timeless piece of precision engineering and breath-taking design.

    Gordon Murray T.50 price

    T.50 supercar

    It is named the T.50 because the design is Murray’s 50th in an illustrious 50-year career. British companies supplied every major part throughout its interior, as well as its underpinnings.  

    Drivers get a Formula 1-like experience with a central front seat, with two passenger seats on the flanks.  

    Gordon Murray Automotive will make just 100 units of the T.50. Each will cost a pretty penny starting at $3.1 million USD per car (before taxes)!

    For that price, Buyers get the full custom experience. This includes meeting Murray to discuss the car and personalise it inside and out. It comes with ‘fitting’ sessions to custom-fit the steering wheel, pedals and seat.

    The company will start building customer T.50 cars in January 2022 with delivery expected later that year.

    Murray said: “Just 100 customers will share my vision, a car created to improve on the F1 formula in every conceivable way. With 30 years of technological and systems advancement, now, the time is right to design the greatest analogue driver’s car. I believe no other company could deliver what we will bring to market in 2022, producing this British supercar will be my proudest moment.”

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