Radical expands its network to APEX Motor Club!

In the brief time we’ve shared with Radical Canada, Racing Edge has become (self-proclaimed) ambassadors of the brand. The Radical SR3 is a phenomenal race car, the companies support makes everything seamless, and at this point we’re basically convincing all of our friends to join in on the fun! It’s with this enthusiasm that we’re excited to announce a new partner for Radical in North America – APEX Motor Club.

Just six months after opening, APEX has placed an initial three-car order of Radical’s best-selling SR3 track and race car in order to support its intensive programme of over 275 track days per year. The 2.27-mile circuit is already in operation with an additional 2.25-mile Phase 2 planned for construction in 2020, making it the longest race track in Arizona.

“APEX Motor Club is excited to bring the Radical race car to our members and facility, due to its ideal combination of capability and driver enjoyment.  The Radical SR3 is perfect for drivers of all backgrounds from gentleman racer to professional driver,” said Jason Plotke, President & Co-Founder of Apex Motor Club. “We feel this is an important product in racing DNA, so much so, that we have incorporated the Radical to be the first official class in our upcoming Member racing series this year.  We are looking forward to growing the partnership and showing our members just how proficient the Radical race car is on track.”

“In looking for partners to represent Radical in its ‘Race the World’ mission, APEX stands out as the ideal track facility to enjoy our product, with all of the driver training, support and social elements demanded by our customers,” added Joe Anwyll, Radical Sportscars’ CEO – and we couldn’t agree more.

APEX has built a beautiful and challenging circuit for its members to conquer and a Radical SR3 is just the right tool for the challenge. It’s also quite convenient that APEX and Area27 have reciprocating privileges, so perhaps we’ll make the trip down this Winter and share in the fun!

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Photos by @ngb.photos_