Ducati reveals new machines ahead of Milan Motorcycle Show

Ducati has released several new machines this week prior to the Milan Motorcycle Show and we’re pretty stoked here at Racing Edge.

As Ducati riders we’ve got an innate affinity to the Bologna based pieces of art on wheels that are powered by ground thumping twin, or in recent years, four cylinder motors. It’s the perfect blend of design and performance that only the Italians could put together.

This week’s release brought us the long awaited Ducati Streetfighter V4. The new motorcycle is a more road-going, rebel without a cause, counter-part to the well known Panigale V4. Stripped fairings, raised handlebars and a front headlight that resembles The Joker, doesn’t mean it’s in any way a more docile machine. The Streetfighter V4 actually has slightly more torque than it’s Panigale counterpart, thanks in part to revised fuel and throttle mapping – so power wheelies are encouraged.

In the announcement was also the Panigale V2, a more user friendly v-twin version of the Panigale V4. As an ‘entry level’ sport bike it replaces the Ducati 959 and features the full Ducati Human Interface system, including QuickShift up and down, traction control, ABS, wheelie control and engine brake control. Now, that’s quite the offering. With 155hp and 76 lb-ft of torque this new Bologna bullet is quite the bargain for anyone looking to get into the Ducati line of sport bikes (below 200hp, that is).

Lastly, Ducati unveiled a revised Panigale V4. Borrowing the front aero kit from the Panigale V4R, the large canards, plexi screen, nose fairing and lateral fairings are all now standard items on the Panigale V4. Ducati maintains that this will make the Panigale V4 easier and less tiring to ride. Which makes us imagine that the Panigale V4 will continue to be one of the best selling machines in the world.

We’ll keep an eye out for reviews of the new Ducati motorcycles and bring you updates as we get them. But if history is any indicator, we’re fairly confident they’ll be amazing.

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