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  • 1959 Sadler-Meyer Special

    Price: USD $395,000
    February 19, 2020
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    Racing Edge is pleased to offer this stunning 1959 Sadler-Meyer Special for sale.

    This is a remarkable racer. It won and set records at one of North America’s earliest and most storied competitions – the Giant’s Despair Hillclimb.

    This formidable Sadler-Meyer Special was engineered and constructed by the legendary, multi-talented Bill Sadler. It was brought to him by John van Meyer. He was a participant the 1951 rebirth of the Giant’s Despair event by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), which still runs today.

    Meyer requested his machine was rebuilt into a contemporary road race and hill climb competitor. Sadler, a gifted car builder, didn’t disappoint.

    Sadler constructed a simple ladder frame for the Sadler-Meyer Special. He retained the original Meyer Special Pontiac V8, Borrani wire wheels and deDion rear suspension. The aluminium body is in the style of contemporary sports racing cars. It was built to accommodate Meyer’s taller frame and the large Pontiac engine.

    The car’s design is sleek, slender and perfectly constructed to necessitate hill climb racing. It looks every inch the classic race car. Meyer achieved many fast times in this incredible Sadler-Meyer Special, before he eventually sold it.

    This model was apparently restored in the 1980s by Robert Fernano, and then again in 2008 for the previous owner. The 2008 restoration included input and assistance from Bill Sadler, to its present sharp and race-ready condition. At some point during restoration, the side exhaust pipes were closed, and plexiglass side windows were added. The nose was also extended, and entry lowered over a re-shaped radiator air intake for better aerodynamic downforce.

    The prominent air scoop of the Sadler-Meyer Special has been replaced by a slight bubble over the engine air intake.

    Following its most recent restoration, the car participated in the Colorado Grand and was then publicly displayed at the 2009 Concours d’Elegance. It has not been raced since restoration but is prepared to modern historic competition sanctioning bodies’ safety standards. The Sadler-Meyer Special includes onboard fire suppression system, fuel cell and electrical shutoff.

    The current 58-’62 283 Chevrolet engine on this Sadler-Meyer Special produces 425hp at 6,000 rpm and 372 lm-ft torque. A Borg-Warner T10 4-speed transmission and Halibrand quick change center section converts excellent power to the asphalt.

    Suspension is coilover sprung independent at the front with deDion rear with Panhard bar. It features a Jacob’s ladder torque arm and inboard-mounted aluminum drum brakes. Front brakes comprise of solid motor discs behind Halibrand centerlock alloy wheels. The Sadler bodywork opens completely for quick access and service with the nose folding forward and the tail folding back.

    In 2015, considerable mechanical and some cosmetic work was made to the Sadler-Meyer Special by a collector in Europe. This included a complete re-upholstery of the interior, a complete new pedal box assembly, new brake and clutch hydraulics, relocation and replacement of brake and fuel lines, new tachometer and speedometer units, new starter, battery and improved wiring, a major engine service and inspection plus installation of a new carburetor and linkage.

    The wheels were crack tested and wheel bearings replaced, and the differential was restored.

    The Sadler-Meyer Special might be known as the King of The Hill. Meticulously restored and featuring a gorgeous deep blue livery, its history, performance and good looks will set it apart from the rest. To register your interest, click the Inquire button above.

    Price: USD $395,000
    Year: 1959
    Brand: Other
    Model: Sadler - Meyer
    Mi / Hrs: 5 Mi
    Location: USA,
    Condition: Used
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