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  • Jaguar XJR – 5

    Price: USD $795,000
    February 28, 2020
    Ad ID: 6644

    Racing Edge is pleased to offer this race-ready 1985 Jaguar XJR5 for sale.

    This exceptional race car is steeped in racing history. Built by Bob Tullius’ Group 44 team and Jaguar, the XJR5 comes with a well-documented history and backstory.

    This example is the 10th Jaguar XJR5 built and the last in this series. According to Group 44 documents, chassis #010 was the 1984 Le Mans T-Car. It was used for press rides and shows across 1986 and 1987.

    The Jaguar XJR5 was specifically constructed for endurance racing. It features molded Kevlar body sections reinforced with Nomex honeycomb substructure over a steel/aluminium semi-monocoque chassis. The car is lightweight (dry-weight just over 1900lbs) and the 525 bhp V12 engine catapults this excellent machine to top speeds of between 220-240mph.

    It is a highly refined race car that carries notable technical improvements from a three-year Group 44 IMSA GTP program alongside Jaguar. This machine is uniquely configured as a ‘sprint race chassis’, making it specifically refined for short distance courses.

    This Jaguar XJR5 has competed at Sebring, Pocono, Miami Grand Prix, and Daytona (test). It remained with Group 44 until the early 1990s, when it was sold.

    Between 2009 and 2010, this machine underwent a comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic restoration by marque experts Jim Busby and Rick Knoop. Ed Pink built the V12 engine to precision specifications confirmed by dyno test results delivering in excess of 500bhp.

    Every aspect of this XJR5 was tended to, resulting in a phenomenally well-prepared car. The machine was then sold to its current owner in 2014. He engaged Williams Racing Developments to rebuild the Hewland gearbox.

    This beautiful XJR5, in its glorious Group 44 white and green livery, has won various shows. In 2015 and later in 2019, it was raced at the Daytona 24 Hour Classic. The engine has amassed approx. 20 hours since it was built by Pink in 2010.

    In 2017, all suspension corners were crack checked. Two front and two rear uprights were recoated and replaced, and new bearings, races, and seals installed. Throughout the course of the current five-year ownership, the car has been meticulously maintained and professionally serviced by race car specialists.

    In 2019, the engine of this XJR5 was compression tested showing results of 170-175 across all 12 cylinders. The current owner also commissioned the restoration of the bodywork as well as the construction of a new nose section with headlights for night events.

    The Jaguar XJR5 is accompanied by a huge amount of engine and suspension spares including a complete spare front body section, side windows, two spare sets of BBS wheels with Goodyear Eagle racing tires (one of which is from the original competition period, and should be used solely for display), several boxes full of engine components including a brand new specialized Ed Pink Crankshaft, aluminum engine covers, pistons, rings, main caps, side rod bearings, valve springs, head gaskets, several cylinder heads, used crank cases, misc. bearings, cylinder sleeves, cam gear spacers, new cam shafts, gaskets and spare drive chains, narrow grooved main bearings, misc. gears, suspension components, suspension uprights, spare wheel hubs of various sizes and offsets, spare gear cluster and spare gears, spare brake rotors, various Lucas and RCV performance parts, and spare center wheel locks.

    Also included with the Jaguar XJR5 are numerous historic documents from Group 44, copies of press releases, period photographs, reference materials and specifications on the Jaguar XJR program, Ed Pink dyno sheets, detailed specifications for the engine currently installed in the car, and receipts for work recently performed on the car.

    Price: USD $795,000
    Year: 1985
    Brand: Jaguar
    Model: XJR-5
    Location: USA, San Francisco
    Condition: Used
    Seller type: Agency
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