Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans – Episode 3

The trials and tribulations of racing continue for Michael Fassbender on his road to Le Mans, as we see in episode 3 at the Sachsenring.

In episode 3 the a-list actor is at the Sachsenring working on fine tuning his abilities. It seems Fassbender is making steps forward in finding speed and confidence but with racing that can all change with one single moment. In a well advised move the team arrives at the Sachsenring a day early to get familiar with a track walk and lapping the track in a 911 Carrera road car. This allows Fassbender to put down some great times in his Porsche 911 Cup car as the race weekend begins.

We’re curious to know how much time Fassbender is spending in the simulator in between race weekends in the car.

As every race car driver will tell you, seat time in a simulator is a very valuable asset in the modern day of racing. Testing a car is expensive – really expensive – and only being in the car on the weekends is not enough seat time. This resource didn’t exist for previous generations but now with weighted wheels and pedals, and real life physics through iRacing, drivers can fine tune their braking points, lines, hands, etc.. without spending upwards of $15,000/day – that’s if you don’t crash. Crashing the car brings the weekend bill to a whole different price point – makes me wonder if Fassbender’s contract exempts him from the damages..

What do you think? Will the a-list actor finally be able to piece together his optimal lap? Will he be able to conquer this uphill battle of motorsport in time for the 2020 Le Mans 24 hours?

Stay tuned as we bring you Episode 4 on November 4th.

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Michael Fassbender Road to Le Mans
Michael Fassbender Road to Le Mans