Stop everything you’re doing and look at the new bikes from MV Agusta

MV Agusta just released the production form of their new machines at the 2019 EICMA show in Milan, Italy and we’re at a loss for words. The new Brutale 1000RR and Superveloce Ottocento are arguably the most beautiful machines we’ve ever seen. And it should come as no surprise because MV Agusta specializes in making art on wheels, but today I’m at a loss for words – and that’s ironically a big problem as a writer. So, join me as I regurgitate some stats and do my best to sprinkle in some romance.

Stop everything you're doing and look at the new bikes from MV Agusta

Up first, the Brutale 1000RR. At last years 2018 EICMA, MV Agusta unveiled a limited run Brutale Serie Oro and won the fan poll of ‘most beautiful bike of the show’ – and we’re not surprised. However this year they’re bringing that package to the masses. Powered by the same I4 motor from the F4 superbike, the Brutale 1000RR is now the most powerful naked street bike in production. It puts down a staggering 208 horsepower, and yes – it has aero winglets next to the radiators to keep the wheel down above 200km/h. Hot on the heels of Ducati’s release of the Streetfighter V4, we’re torn between the two machines.

Stop everything you're doing and look at the new bikes from MV Agusta

Similar to the Brutale Serie Oro launch from last year, MV Agusta also released a limited run Superveloce Serie Oro earlier this year. If you can’t recall the super thought provoking promotional video, you can watch it here. Well, that bike known as the Superveloce Ottocento is now available to the masses, supermodel not included.

Stop everything you're doing and look at the new bikes from MV Agusta

We could spend hours ogling over the Superveloce Ottocento. With one glance we see the heritage of motorcycle design wrapped up in modern flare. The nosecone is naturally a throwback to early cafe racers but then you notice the winglet in the windscreen and on the side fairings, feats of modern engineering. The tank design is a modern approach and the short rear end accents the traditional MV Agusta triple tip exhaust. It’s the sort of ‘retro-future’ machine we’d see Ryan Gosling riding in a movie when he returns to Earth to save us all after a dystopian collapse.

We’re happy both these machines are now available in production form to the masses. Official pricing hasn’t yet been announced but we don’t care – we’re just happy these machines exist.

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Written by: Zlad Dujsic

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