The new Radical Rapture – a race car meets the road

The Radical Rapture is equal parts race car and road car, ready to be driven out your garage and right to your favourite roads.

Radical Rapture

If you’re unfamiliar with Radical race cars, allow me to get you up to speed. They’re a UK based manufacturer of race cars. Since 1994 they’ve sold over two thousand cars, have raced at Le Mans and run a single-make race series of their own in the UK, US, Middle East, Asia and Canada (we in fact race in the Radical Canada Cup ourselves). Radical produces some of the best race cars at every price point. From their entry level SR1 to the range-topping RXC Spyder, essentially an LMP3 car, they’ve got a machine for all levels and budgets of racing – and now they’ve got a street legal machine.

The Radical Rapture was released earlier this year and despite being a road car it’s a thoroughbred Radical. Powered by a 2.3 litre Ford EcoBoost motor putting out 350 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque, and only weighing 765kg, the Rapture reaches 60mph in three seconds flat. So for that date you’re taking out on a weekend cruise, there’s plenty of excitement to be made.

Radical Rapture

But beyond the obvious the Rapture is a joy to drive courtesy of its aerodynamic grip. The large rear wing, that screams race car, and double tunnel diffuser allow the Radical to remain glued to the road. This means that high speed corners are taken with confidence – just don’t go too crazy on public roads of course. And speaking of public roads the Rapture features Radical’s Nik-link suspension system with fully adjustable dampers, making it a bit more friendly on your favourite roads.

The interior isn’t much of a luxury vehicle, in fact it’s not much in general, but who cares? Much like all the other vehicles that Radical makes, the Rapture is about driving. There’s an LCD display, alcantara steering wheel and a collection of buttons that look like they could fire up a fighter jet.

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