Meet Racing Edge!

We’re a team of motorsport enthusiasts that use technology to enable the motorsport community.

What does that mean? Well for one, we’re building a community. Through our website and content channels we deliver the latest in motorsport and the lifestyle that surrounds it. You can also follow updates on race weekends for F1 and MotoGP as our contributors deliver content in real time, live from trackside.

But more than that we’re also a marketplace. Through the Racing Edge Paddock you can buy and sell race cars from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re curious about motorsport or a seasoned driver, our Paddock will host all caliber of vehicles. For buyers, we’ll aim to connect them with the appropriate vehicle to match their needs – whether it’s a beginner looking to learn the sport, a seasoned driver that’s outgrown their street car and needs a sharper tool for the track, or even a full-blown IMSA race team – our aim is to help everyone go racing. As for sellers, we can ensure their vehicle listing is seen by the thousands coming to our website and content channels. And for the sellers looking for convenience, our Concierge Service enlists our algorithm and sales team to get the right eyes on the right car. We aim to make your sale as quick and convenient as possible. People want your race car, let us find them for you!

Lastly, we’re a motorsport team ourselves! Racing Edge is participating in the Radical Canada Cup with our new Radical SR3 race car. This journey through Radical’s arrive & drive style program is an ongoing series we’ve dubbed – The Radical Journey. It’s a case study on what it takes to build a motorsport team, and what it’s like to participate in the Radical program. Be sure to follow our YouTube channel as we post new videos in the series.

There’s a variety of other things on the horizon and the only way to stay current is to like, follow and subscribe to our newsletter. Seriously, we’ve got some really great things coming for the motorsport community that’ll empower drivers, teams and enthusiasts alike.

Yours in motorsport,

Racing Edge.