The New 2019 Honda CBR Fireblade, Ready to Brawl with the Big Boys

Honda has released their new 2019 Honda CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade and Fireblade SP, and with it they’ve made a statement that they’re here to fight. The previous generation Fireblade was down on power compared to it’s rivals in the litre bike class but now with 214 horsepower, Honda has worked on their power punches.

As a previous CBR rider on track I’m thrilled with this new machine, so let’s take a look at the key upgrades..


As mentioned, the new Fireblade packs a punch from the 999.9cc inline four-cylinder engine that pumps out 214hp at 14,500rpm and 113Nm of torque at 12,500rpm. The previous Fireblade was substantially down on power compared to it’s rival BMW S1000RR and Ducati Panigale V4 but now the Fireblade steps over 200 horsepower for the first time, and is even up seven horsepower over the S1000RR.

new 2019 Honda CBR

Chassis & Electronics

The Firebade SP sits on Ohlins active suspension front and back that’s fully adjustable from the Blade’s five-inch TFT screen and left handlebar switchgear. The standard Blade sits on Show’s Big Piston Forks and shocks.

new 2019 Honda CBR

At 201kg wet, Honda was able to keep the weight down with an aluminum frame and by mounting the rear shock off the back of the engine, and not by using a conventional cross-member (cough*Panigale*cough).

ABS promises to be less intrusive than previous generations and a Sport and Track setting let riders dial in their machines. The Blade SP stops on Brembo brakes with the non-SP version is equipped with Nissin components.

The Blade now features a nine-stage adjustable traction control system that works in conjunction with cornering ABS to keep the Inertial Measurement Unit happy and the rider up on two wheels – at least as much as physics can allow.


As we’ve seen in MotoGP, motorcycles are now so fast and powerful that they require wings to keep them grounded. As such the Blade has spread it’s wings for the first time. Inboard winglets work to keep the front tire down and the front mudguard has convex dips to clear air away from the front tire. Also a longer swing arm, from the horrifically expensive RC213V, keeps the machine stable at high speeds.

new 2019 Honda CBR

We look forward to seeing the new 2019 Honda CBR Fireblade in person and will hopefully deliver an on-track test when Honda hosts their media day. So be sure to follow our Racing Edge YouTube page as we have more video content coming your way!

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